Dear RPG Retailers,

When you sign up for Free RPG Day, you put an event on your calendar that will pack your store with customers.

Each Free RPG Day kit you purchase contains new & exclusive products to run the ultimate RPG Day at your business, with exclusive new adventures for RPG games to be played at your store and exciting giveaways for your customers.

Not located in the US? Free RPG Day kits are not sold directly to retailers outside the United States. Instead we supply them to international distributors. Retail stores outside the US should inquire about Free RPG Day kits with their main game distributor.

Sign Up Deadline is April 25th, 2020

(While supplies last)

Participating publishers announced on March 1st 2019


Standard Kit

$139.00 $119.00 ea

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Attention: These Kits are for Retail Stores only. If you order a kit and we cannot verify that you have a brick and mortar store, you will not be sent a kit and your money will be refunded.