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Retailer sign ups have SOLD OUT!

Free RPG Day 2018 has sold out!

If you're looking for a retailer, check the retailer locator to find one close to you.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us - and thanks again!

Resources for Retailers

Download our Free RPG Day 2018 Logo as a .jpg file or as a zipped Photoshop file)! Use them for internal store flyers, calendars and websites. Use freely and link back to If you need the logo without the year on it, click here to get one.

What is Free RPG Day?

Free RPG Day is a day for you (the retailer) to have an event at your store. We send you products donated by publishers to be used as giveaways at your event, and we list you on our Retailer Locator to let people know you're taking part.

How do I participate in Free RPG Day?

Just purchase at least one kit from us. The kits contain loads of product for you to give away.

Why do I have to pay for Free RPG Day?

Free RPG Day is intended to be free to the consumers. The publishers print their product and ship it to us. We put them into the kits and ship the kits out to you. The cost of participating in Free RPG Day covers the shipping, material, and labor to get the kits to you.

Do I really have to give product away?

In a word, yes. The hope of Free RPG Day is that we can draw more people into the hobby. This means more people in your store, more people buying your products, and more people playing the amazing games that we all love.

So, the rule is this: if someone comes into your store on Free RPG Day and asks for something, you have to give them at least one item from the kit (until you run out, of course).

What you give them is up to you.

We encourage you to keep the premium prizes and most valued content for those who take part in your event. The point, after all, is for you and your customers to have a great time.

Why does it sell out?

It's true. Free RPG Day sells out every year. The reason for this is simple: the participating publishers are donating this product. It is not a print-on-demand situation.

Based on your sign-ups (which start the February before each Free RPG Day), we make a best estimate of how many kits we need and let the publishers know how many pieces to send us. Once we're out of kits, we can't have anyone else sign up.

Why can't I sign up with my distributor?

If you're not in the US, you can. Inside the US, however, everything goes through Impressions. This is because distributors have a policy of not releasing their mailing lists. This means that if you were to sign up through a distributor, we couldn't list you on our retailer locator.

There's some really cool stuff in the kit. Can't I just sell it?

No. The publishers have donated these products for Free RPG Day. You can't sell them or release them prior to the event. Nor can you require a purchase from a customer to get an item. The only exception is for people running games in your store. Obviously, your GMs need to have read the modules they're going to run.