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Free RPG Day is a registered trademark of Impressions.

For Distributors

We would love to have our favorite game distributors benefit from Free RPG Day!

Our goal is to increase sales for the lines your distributorship carries.  Unfortunately, the best way to handle Free RPG Day logistically is to ship the free RPGs directly to the hobby game retailers in the United States so we can have their information for the retailer locator.  

If there is a retailer outside the United States that wants to participate in Free RPG Day then they can use your established freight forwarder to receive the shipment through you (though we will require their contact details for the retailer locator) or we can send to their own freight forwarder directly.

All we ask of participating distributors is to use the list of sponsors (listed on our home page) and stores to fill up the shelves with product ready for the consumer to buy.

Resources for Distributors

Each box will include a number of pieces from our sponsors:

  • Platinum Sponsors = 15 pieces per box
  • Gold Sponsors = 10 pieces per box
  • Silver Sponsors = 5 pieces per box
  • Bronze Sponsors = 3 pieces per box
  • Store Sample = 1 piece per box 

Download our Free RPG Day 2018 Logo as a .jpg file or as a zipped Photoshop file)! Use them for flyers, calendars and websites. Use freely and link back to If you need the logo without the year on it, click here to get one.