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Customer Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ for customers. Click here for the Retailer FAQ!


What is Free RPG Day?

Free RPG Day is a day for you to go to your local participating retailer to play new games and get free stuff.

Every retailer has their own version of Free RPG Day, each running the games they want to run.

What they all have in common is free stuff donated to them by all your favorite publishers. It's a day to play games celebrate the hobby and play games.

Do they really give stuff away?

They sure do. One of the conditions of taking part in Free RPG Day is that they have to give away at least one item to you for free just for asking. It's up to them what they give away, though. They may well reserve the premium items for those who take part in their event. The idea, after all, is to have a great time. It's not just to show up and demand free stuff.

Why isn't my store participating?

It costs money to participate in Free RPG Day. Even though the publishers are donating product, we still have to cover the costs of packing and shipping everything, and that takes time and money. Some retailers choose not to spend that money.

For a limited time after the event, many of the publishers offer the same items for a reduced cost. It's not as much fun as actually taking part in the event, and you do end up paying something, but at least you can still get the items you're looking for.

Can I get more than one prize?

The hope of Free RPG Day is that we'll all play together.

The prizes and products are intended to help you get into the spirit of things, and get you more excited about taking part in your retailer's Free RPG Day event.

Having said that, the retailers are under no obligation to give you more than one item.